Injury Physiotherapy

What is Injury Physiotherapy?

Getting you back up to speed to improve; your strength, stamina, balance, confidence, heart and lung conditioning, agility, flexibility and speed. This is done with specialised physiotherapy and Pilates sessions, using massage, Thera-bands, weights, Swiss balls and Pilates mats. This also requires homework!

Where is Injury Physiotherapy done?

The treatments are provided in our gym, individually tailored for one-to-one attention and service.

Who is Injury Physiotherapy for?

Anyone who has sustained a significant injury is going to require a programme of exercises, stretches and specifically related (e.g sports) training drills to ensure a complete recovery, depending on whether it’s anything from a badly sprained ankle through to reconstructive surgery of a knee.

A major component of every injury is the overcoming of fear and to a degree anxiety of re-injury. These concerns and considerations are a part of rehabilitation management.

When is Injury Physiotherapy needed?

Some injury rehabilitation exercises can commence as little as two days after an injury. Other major injuries, such as knee ligament reconstruction may take six months of your hard work to get back to pre-injury levels.

Why is Injury Physiotherapy necessary?

Have you ever noticed how some people have a permanent limp yet the injury is years old? This is because the body will compensate in its movement patterns after an injury and these faulty compensations may cause more disruption than the actual injury. With rehabilitation we retrain your movement. Often we will aim to get you stronger and more flexible than you were before your injury.

Exercise is a vital part of the rehabilitation process for most injuries. The idea that an client is completely cured once the treatments from the physiotherapist is finished, is simply outdated. We have to move it or lose it.