Sports Physio

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is the specialised branch of physiotherapy which deals with injuries and issues related to sports people.

Sports injuries do differ to everyday injuries. Athletes normally require high level performance and demand placed upon their body, which stresses their muscles, joints and bones to the limit.  Sports physiotherapists help athletes recover from sporting injuries, and provide education and resources to prevent problems.

Most people who play regular sport or have a regular exercise routine have experienced one or two sports injuries over their lifetime. These commonly include knee injury pain, stress fractures, Rotator Cuff injuries,hamstring strains, ankle sprains, groin injuries, and Tennis Elbow.

At Karaka Physiotherapy & Pilates we complete a thorough assessment to provide our patients with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Treatment may include hands-on treatment as well as exercise therapy. We have on-site gym facilities available as well as a Pilates studio, both fully-equipped to treat both weekend social sports and those competing at a more professional level. We liaise closely with trainers and coaches to ensure our patients are able to return to their chosen sport.