Physiotherapy & Pilates Treatment

As we know, our bodies are prone to injuries or unexplained pain. Physiotherapy and Pilates go hand-in-hand in aiding a quick recovery to get you back on track and feeling great again. With my professional training I can assist in this process, giving a quick, enjoyable experience to make sure you are fully recovered.

Physiotherapy gets to the source of the problem, whether it be mild discomfort or serious injuries this allows me to find the right treatment for each individual. During and/or after treatment Pilates is a great, fun and social activity to strengthen the body and enhance movement abilities. With the right, personalised movements for you, you’ll be as good as new.

Physiotherapists are experts in human movement. 

They understand how and why muscles, joints and nerves move, and why pain and injury occurs, due to professional training in anatomy, biomechanics and physiology.

As a registered physiotherapist I can treat injury and disease by correcting and improving the body’s own natural healing mechanisms without the use of drugs or medication.

A typical session will involve in detail:

  • Assessment in order to make a clinical
  • Diagnosis and select the appropriate
  • Treatment

Is Physiotherapy Really Needed?

If you have a physical health problem and are unsure as to whether you need physiotherapy, feel welcome to ring us and give us some brief details over the telephone. It may be something which telephone advice can help relieve.

Amanda Brown
021 341 923

Appointment Fee

(45 minute investment in your health and well-being)

ACC Co-payment $30

Private $75